Intercultural Communication Section


This section helps all the parties involved in AEN’s programs

understand each other and foster mutual understanding.

Pre-departure Training
Before the international AEN volunteers leave for their assignment in African countries, a pre-departure training session will be carried out via face-to-face Skype meetings with AEN’s Intercultural Communication Team. During this type of meetings, AEN staff will give an introduction to the culture, lifestyles and culture shocks that the volunteers may encounter in the destination countries, and will answer any questions from the volunteers in terms of the life and work in a foreign setting.

On-site Counseling
When the volunteers are working on-site at their host organizations in Africa, both the volunteers and their supervisors at the host organizations will receive periodical AEN counseling service. It helps answer questions and resolve challenges. Meanwhile, both sides are guided to reflect on the experiences they have had and propose strategies and methods to make progress. AEN also uses this counseling as a channel for feedback that would help AEN monitor and evaluate the work of both sides.

AEN encourages its international volunteers to write about their intercultural experiences monthly at AEN’s blog. The blogging will lead the volunteers to more actively reflect on their own stories and to share their opinions and perspectives with other volunteers. When all the volunteers’ blog posts are put together, AEN’s blog site will become a fantastic platform with real-life cases for its global audience to get to know about values and cultures in a variety of countries, both within and outside Africa.