Submit Your Interest as a Host Entity

AEN is looking for local families and community-based organizations in African countries that would like to host the exceptional AEN Youth Volunteers.

The host families will offer a separate room to accommodate the AEN Youth Volunteers and provide them with the necessary facilities (e.g. water, electricity) and meals. They will also introduce to the volunteers their own unique culture, values and lifestyles. The host families are encouraged to foster close relationships with the volunteers.

The host organizations are to offer a full-time position for the volunteers, showing them the local challenges and solutions for community development. They will create a friendly environment for the volunteers to learn and to collaborate with the local staff.

The AEN Youth Volunteers represent the fresh blood and energy of different countries. They come with outstanding skills and talents that can contribute to their host organizations’ further growth. Their values and perspectives are to enrich the life at their host families.

Please submit one of the two forms below to show your interest as a host family or a host organization. An AEN representative will reach out to you shortly once your submission is completed.

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    * Please kindly note, although AEN aims to have partners across different parts of Africa, at this stage it focuses on its establishment in Uganda and Kenya. If your entity is from outside of the two countries, you are still welcome to submit your interest, but we would like to discuss in detail how we may work with you only when we are ready.