Apply to be a Youth Volunteer

Volunteering in an African country via AEN comes with many benefits. You will experience and learn to adapt to unique values and attitudes, customs and cultures, in addition to languages and perspectives. Working in such a foreign environment, you will be offered the invaluable chance to step out of your comfort zone, learn how to approach a different group of people and lifestyles, think outside the box, and address challenges creatively. The connection created between you and your host family and host organization could go a long way after you go back to your home country, and the enriched professional and life experiences you have had will greatly demonstrate your ability to adjust and to appreciate diversity, which is highly valued by employers today across the increasingly globalized world.

AEN is to start accepting applications from September 2017. Young people around the world who are willing to volunteer for a community-based organization (including the community-based NGO) in Africa are welcome to apply as early as they can. Please note, at this stage, AEN can deploy the volunteers in Uganda and Kenya only.

Check the positions below if you are interested:

There are currently no vacancies.